What Happens If You Breakdown Abroad?

If there is anything worse than your car breaking down, it must be if you breakdown abroad.  Even if you are fluent in the language without knowledge of local recovery agents and repairers, arranging assistance might be difficult.

Worse still, if your car cannot be repaired before you are due to return home you will be faced with extending your stay or leaving it there, only to return and collect it at a later date or pay the cost of shipping.  You will also need to make alternative travel arrangements to get to your destination or back to the UK. This is where our European Breakdown Cover will really help.

So, what are the benefits of QDOS Breakdown?

Your call will be answered by an English speaking operator.  We have advisors who are fluent in the main languages spoken across Europe and will arrange for a recovery agent to come and assist you.  What happens next depends on the nature of your breakdown.  Here are a few real life experiences of QDOS Breakdown customers.

Sushaneth Shetty purchased our annual European Breakdown cover.  On Christmas Eve in the cold and wet she was travelling home along the German Autobahn when her motorbike broke down.  Unfortunately repairs could not be carried out by the side of the road, so we arranged for a hire car to get her home and liaised with the repairer on her behalf.  You can read Sushan’s independent review of our service here.

In May a family set off on a journey to Spain when their car, which was towing a trailer, broke down on a French motorway.  Unfortunately it was a Friday night and there were no car repairers open, so we arranged for a hire car to take them to their destination.  We also recovered the car and trailer to a suitable repairer 100 kilometres from the breakdown and monitored the progress of repairs during the family’s holiday.  You can read this customer’s independent account of our service here.  All our policies can cover caravans as well as trailers.

John Parker bought a five day Single Trip policy.  Mr Parker and his wife were travelling home on a Sunday when their motorbike had the misfortune of breaking down in France.  The repair was not possible without a specialist part from Honda, which was not available until the following Tuesday.  By that time the couple had to be back at work so we organised a taxi which took them to their overnight accommodation and then a taxi to a hire depot the following morning.  The hire car took them as far as the ferry and we arranged another taxi to get Mr. And Mrs. Parker home when they arrived in England.

As you can see every case is different should you breakdown abroad.  Our principle aim is always to get you on the move again, but if that’s not possible we can arrange a replacement hire vehicle, overnight accommodation, and even the repatriation of your vehicle.