Avoid Needing Vehicle Breakdown Recovery

Whilst we at QDOS Breakdown provide an award winning Breakdown Recovery service, it goes without saying that we would rather you never break down in the first place. There are some simple things you can do to avoid breaking down unexpectedly.

Obviously it goes without saying that you should keep your vehicle in a good state of repair, regularly serviced and carry out any remedial work as soon as any problems arise. However, there are some additional things you can do to ensure smooth running of your vehicle.

  • Check headlights and brake lights before setting off on a journey
  • Ensure there are no unusual noises from under the bonnet. Often, people never hear the engine running when outside the vehicle and modern cars tend to be well sound proofed
  • Sounds silly, but ensure your horn works well. If god forbid, you had an accident and left the road, then you may need the horn to alert people to your location
  • Make sure your washer reservoirs are topped up and your windscreen washers work ok
  • It may be an obvious one, but check your tyres to ensure they are at the correct pressure, as this will also benefit your fuel economy

In the event of a breakdown, it may be wise to carry a few bits and bobs to ensure that your wait for the breakdown recovery company is an comfortable as it can be. Have a think about carrying things like:

  • An emergency triangle, to alert other drivers that your vehicle is at the side of the road. Useful on bends or at night
  • A warm jacket in the boot is endlessly useful should you break down. There is nothing to make your wait worse than cold and rain
  • A torch is endlessly useful at night, to help you to see if the problem is a simple fix that you can do yourself
  • A servicable spare wheel is essential to avoid problems if you have a puncture. Obviously you’ll need a jack and wrench too (dont lose the locking nut adapter!)
  • Even a folding shovel can prove to be a god-send if it is snowing and you find yourself stuck

All in all, you will find life a lot easier if you break down and carry the above items. It is recommended that you do not sit in the vehicle if you break down on the motorway and are pulled onto the hard shoulder. Therefore, carrying just a warm jacket in the boot will be the difference between a wet and cold wait, or a warmer and slightly dryer one. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you’ll never break down, as in our experience (and believe me, we are VERY experienced!), it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times.

Despite all of the above, there really is nothing more comforting than knowing you are covered against breakdowns and that should the worst happen, there is a breakdown recovery company on their way to come and help you. Even if that is just to tow you home, you’ll be glad you didn’t leave it to chance. Sitting in the recovery vehicle cab in the warm, whilst the recovery driver tends to your vehicle, regardless of the weather, makes you realise how valuable cover is and how glad you are that you have it.